Platform AQ

for tracking the training process in a fitness club

Involve and retains clients in personal training
Increase in profit
Increase in extensions
Increase in training safety technological advantage standards of the training process
Application for a trainer with an electronic diary of clients' training
More than
for training analysis
for better control
calendar and statistics
10 types of statistics
Special interface for each type of training
Client’s application for involvement in the training process
Analysis of the training process
Apple Health and Google Fit
more than 10 indicators
with a trainer
Interaction with calorie counters,
Statistics of each workout for
How it works
An open API will allow you to take data into
the client's club application
The trainer conducts a lesson during which
The results of the training are transferred to the client’s application,
AQ points are awarded
which analyzes the training process according to the aollect AQ points
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CEO of project
CEO, co-founder, AQ Trainer author
Nikolaev Danil
Elite Coach
13,000 personal training sessions in 14 years
3 years fitness manager in the best World Class clubs in Moscow
Lecturer, presenter of international fitness conventions